In the mood to change up your hair style or hair cut? We have you covered with the best 2022 hair trend inspiration!

We have studied the runways, social media and magazines to collate the top 15 hair trends for 2022. Find out who’s wearing these styles this year, and the all-important tools you need to replicate them.

Top 15 hair trends 2022

Hot trends from the runways

Sleek Bun

This look involves a middle part and slicked back hair in a bun. You can achieve this chic look with a pair of straighteners to help smooth your hair, a hair brush and a simple hair tie. Bonus points if the hair tie matches your hair colour! For extra smoothness, you could also use hair spray or a hair pomade.

Slicked Back Ponytail

Similar to the previous style, elevate your look with a chic slicked back pony using your Hail Your Hair Straighteners. This is a really simple yet sophisticated look, and a great look if you need to extend the window before your next hair wash!

Chic Straight Look

The classic flat iron look with the additional hair style trend of layers to frame the face. Try using our hair dryer for the perfect straight blow out and tidying up with our straightening hair tool.Straight hair trends for 2022

Braids, Braids, Braids

Spotted from the runways to TikTok star Addison Rae, baby braids framing the face is a hugely popular hair trend for 2022. It’s a sure throwback to the early noughties fashion, and we’re here for it. This style is fun and we think it looks especially great with loosely curled or waved hair. To achieve that style, you’ll need a hair straightener or curler to add texture to your hair, and then some small, hair elastics to secure the braids. Go for clear or pops of colour!

Neat Cornrows

Neat cornrows look beautiful on afro hair and is a hair style that never goes out of fashion. Zendaya shows off her braids in this iconic Valentino photoshoot.

Curtain Bangs

The 70s-inspired groovy and gorgeous curtains bangs are here to stay. We’ve seen a whole host of celebrities rock this popular hair trend in 2022 – from Selena Gomez to Hilary Duff to Instagram-star Matilda Djerf. Achieve this hair style with the Hail Your Hair Dryer for the intense voluminous blow out that we all crave, and complete the look with a curling tong.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Shag Cut

This unisex style made famous by David Bowie and Patti Smith in the 70s sees a resurgence in 2022, and we couldn’t be happier! We see Florence Given styling a rocking shag cut made of choppy layers, bangs and a center part. Blow dry your hair with the Hail Your Hair Dryer for the desired volume. Then, use your Hail Your Hair Straightener to add subtle texture to your hair for a lived in look. 

Wolf Cut

This 2022 hair trend is a cross between the mullet and the shag. We’re reclaiming the style with this elevated and feminine modern mullet, styled by Billie Eilish.

90s Claw Clip

The 90s claw clip made a resurgence in 2021 and is definitely a 2022 hair trend that is here to stay. It’s effortless yet sophisticated, and is perfect for working from home or a night out with friends. Kendall Jenner sports a claw clip for a casual yet put-together look.2022 Hair Trends

Effortless Short Hair Trends 2022

Lobs If you’re not sure a bob is for you, try out a chic shoulder length lob for a sleek and smart hair style. Kourtney Kardashian often sports a classic lob, styled smoothly with a slight bevel at the ends. To recreate this timeless style, gently brush through your hair before smoothing with your Hail Your Hair Straightener. You can also use your straightener to create the bevel at the end – just gently flick the hairs towards your face. Soft Curve Bob

This cut is elegant, sophisticated and shapes the face. Selena Gomez started her New Year with the soft curve bob, if you needed another reason to try out this style!

Blunt Bob

For those with thinner hair, a blunt bob leaves your hair looking thicker as all the ends are the same length. Add some bounce and wave into your blunt bob with Hail Your Hair Dryer and diffuser attachment.

Buzz Cut, Anyone?

This adventurous and stunning style is perfect for anyone who is brave enough to take the plunge. We’ve seen celebrities such as Zoe Kravitz and Lupita Nyong'o rocking the buzz cut. No hair tools requited for this one!

Natural Never Goes Out of Style

Natural Afro Curls

Natural curls enhanced with the Hail Your Hair Dryer and diffuser combo never goes out of style. Here we see Lauren Ridloff embracing her natural curls – a huge hair trend in 2022.

Summer Hair Trends 2022

Bouncy Waves

 Beachy and bouncy waves are effortlessly achieved with Hail Your Hair Dryer – just don’t forget to pop on the diffuser attachment! Complete the luscious look with the Hail Your Hair Curling Tong to create big, defined curls that will hold.

Hair Colour Trends 2022

We’re certainly not about to leave out hair colour trends!

Red Hair

Red hair has always been stunning. However, we predict 2022 will see many a head turning red, made popular thanks to Taylor Swift’s gorgeous crimson locks in her infamous 10 minute ‘All Too Well’ music video, released at the tail end of 2021.

Your Not So Typical Highlights

2021 saw the hair trend of dying the front two strips of your hair – otherwise known as ‘money pieces’. 2022 sees a similar trend this year, but this time it’s colouring the under layer of your hair! We’re taking inspiration from Miley Cyrus whose hair is blonde on top and black underneath. Along with a wolf cut, this is the ultimate cool girl hair colour trend for 2022.

Mushroom Blonde

Can’t decide between being a blonde or brunette? Mushroom blonde may be the hair colour trend for you. The colour is a mix of light brown and dark blonde hues, meaning it looks great on both natural blondes and natural brunettes. Plus, it’s super low maintenance and suits all seasons!

So there are 15 of our top hair trends and hair colour trends for 2022! Hopefully this has provided you with some inspiration, whether you want to elevate your existing hair cut or go for a complete overhaul at the hairdressers.

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