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Revolutionary Hair Dryer



Revolutionary Hair Dryer

More Wind Speed, Less Heat Damage     Our professional hair dryer has a 110k rpm high-speed brushless motor (5 times speedier than a general AC or DC motor). With an ergonomic airflow design, you can dry your hair by wind speed, not just heat, to help protect the hair’s protein!

Goodbye Tired Wrists      The whole weight of the hair dryer is 50% lighter than a standard dryer, at only 540g. Ideal for travel, and it can reduce the tiredness of wrists, elbows and shoulders, which is especially perfect for hairstylists. The weight of the motor itself is only 70g, which is just one-quarter of the weight of general AC motors.

Get Ready in Peace    The noise is incredibly low, with the maximum noise reaching only 79db. Whether you’re getting ready for shift work, have a sleeping baby (or partner!) in the next room, or you’re just not a morning person, enjoy a quieter styling session without sacrificing power.

Customise For Your Hair Type     Choose from 3 heat settings and 3 power settings, so you can find the perfect styling preference for your hair. Our hair dryer has a wattage of 1600-1800 and can withstand 220-240 volts. 

Here For a Long Time     The motor has a long life, 1000 hours to be precise, with the general life of an AC/DC motor averaging around 300 hours. 

Volumise To The Heavens    For our girls without curls, our diffuser attachment can help to encourage volume by blowing air softly into the hair closest to the scalp. 

Self-Cleaning     The Hail Your Hair Dryer has an additional self-clean function to prolong the life of the hair dryer and diffuser. We recommend using the hair dryer several times before using the self-clean function for the first time. 

Super-long Soft Cord     We've covered all bases with our super-long, 3 metre soft cord. No more awkward attempts to reach the mirror, and no more strained, damaged cables to replace.

Elevate Your Curls     Our diffuser attachment is unique to this Hail Your Hair Dryer and diffuser set. Simply attach to your hair dryer and start styling for a beautiful finish. Using the diffuser, air is dispersed evenly amongst your hair, so it doesn’t disrupt your curl pattern. By dispersing air gently throughout the hair, heat damage is decreased. Here’s to styling that’s kinder to your hair! 

  • Hail Your Hair Dryer

Your new favourite hair dryer that ticks all the boxes. Protective of your hair, comfortable to hold, light, compact and super quiet…with all the power for a speedy styling session. 

  • Diffuser Attachment

Perfect for enhancing your natural curls and waves whilst minimising frizz.  

  • Nozzle Attachment

Essential for concentrating airflow, smoothing fly-aways and creating volume at the root.

  • 3-metre Cord

Release yourself from the shackles of plug socket placement with the Hail Your Hair Dryer’s three-metre cord. 

  • Hair Dryer Dust Bag

For housing your hair dryer at home or on-the-go, keeping it secure and organised.

  • Attachments Dust Bag 

Keep your attachments together in a compact, protective dust bag. Ideal for at-home storage or tucking into your bag. 

Your Hail Your Hair Dryer is built to last, with safety, quality and durability at the forefront. Product testing is rigorous and reliable, and we never want you to encounter an issue. In the unlikely event that this happens, our 36-month warranty should give you total peace of mind.

Hair Dryer | Hail Your Hair

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Hair Dryer | Hail Your Hair


Hair Dryer | Hail Your Hair