When on holiday, getting ready for a day exploring or an evening out is somewhat of a ritual. So trust us, we understand if you’re wondering if you can fly with a hair dryer on your next trip.

A hotel hair dryer is always a bit of a hit or miss (in our experience, it’s usually a miss), so what do you need to know about travelling with a hair dryer? Let’s jump right in and save you from some holiday-packing stress!

Can I pack a hair dryer in my suitcase?
The list of electronic devices and items you can take on international and domestic flights in the UK is limited, although hair dryers are allowed in your hold luggage.
However, while standard hair dryers are allowed on flights, note that if your hair dryer is cordless, it must go in your carry-on due to the hazard of the batteries.

If you’re travelling with your hair dryer in your check-in luggage, just make sure you pack it well with lots of padding to protect it. After all, when your suitcase goes in the hold, you can no longer control the safety of your device. It’s best to be prepared for the worst case scenario - your bag may well be chucked about by airport staff!

Can a hair dryer go in hand luggage?
Hair dryers are also allowed in hand luggage on flights to the UK. This is good to know if you have a shorter trip planned, or if you’re not budgeting for a check-in bag. You may struggle to fit your hair dryer in your carry-on baggage, but it is absolutely possible with some good packing techniques and a slim-line hair dryer, like ours!

You also need to bear weight in mind, as many budget airlines (and even premium airlines nowadays) are extremely fussy about check-in weight restrictions. Many standard hair dryers are clunky and heavy, whereas travel hair dryers are often lighter but lack any decent power. So be sure to check the weight and power of your hair dryer before committing it to your carry-on.

Top Tip: It’s always best to weigh your bag before going to the airport to ensure that you don’t get caught out during check in.

UK international and domestic flights
As with any luggage, restrictions differ from airline to airline, and it’s always best to double-check with them if you aren’t certain about what you can take onboard the aircraft. Typically, airlines have customer service teams dedicated to answering questions across multiple digital platforms. Simply ask them if you can pack your hair dryer in your suitcase and they should be more than happy to help!

Airlines in the UK, such as Easyjet, Flybe, British Airways, Lufthansa, Ryanair, and Eurowings, have all stated that they allow hair dryers in your bag. However, note that baggage regulations often change, so it’s always best to check before your trip.

Should I Travel with My Hair dryer?
So, what’s all the fuss about bringing a hair dryer along as your most beloved travel companion?

1. Hair dryers in accommodation may not be up to scratch
Whether you’ve decided to stay in a hotel, Airbnb, or hostel, you can’t guarantee the quality of the hair dryer they will provide you with – or whether there will be one at all. In this case, you may want to have your own hair dryer to fall back on. Before deciding to travel with your hair dryer, you could give your accommodation a quick ring to see if they provide hair dryers and what brand they are. This information should be able to help you decide whether to bring along your own or not. However, this may be a hassle, especially if you can’t call internationally or if you don’t speak the language.

2. You may wash your hair more frequently than at home
If you have your mind set on going somewhere hot and sunny with a pool, you may wash your hair more often than usual. With more sunshine, more heat and more chlorine, your hair will need a little more TLC. You’ll need a hair dryer to save the day when it comes to blow drying your hair and looking incredible for your evening meal each night!

3. You can use your hair dryer attachments
If the place your staying does have a hair dryer for you to use, it may not have any attachments. A diffuser may be your go-to styling tool, especially if you have curly hair, or you may rely on a nozzle attachment for concentrated air flow and a smoother finish. If this speaks to you, you should consider bringing your own hair dryer! Just don’t forget to pack your attachments securely. The Hail Your Hair Dryer comes with a separate dust for your attachments which can help to keep them damage-free and organised in your case.

4. Keep your hair protected
You can’t guarantee the accommodation’s hair dryer will look after your hair in the same way your own hair dryer will, especially if it’s a poorly made dryer. Looking after your hair is so important for healthy and happy hair, and you don’t want to compromise this on holiday, especially if you’re away for a few days or more.

Tips for Using your Hair dryer Abroad

To use your hair dryer abroad, don’t forget the following:
Travel Adapter: If you bought your hair dryer in the UK, it most likely has a UK-style plug (plug type G). So, don’t forget to bring your own travel plug adapter that’s designed for your destination country. Your accommodation may provide you with one, but we think it’s more convenient and less stressful to bring your own. If it’s a staycation you’re enjoying, then you can forget about this one!

Voltage: Don’t overlook voltage when researching if you can travel with your hair dryer. Most hair dryers need a voltage between 220-240V, which means you should be able to use it in most countries, including the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Australia, Thailand and more! However, there are some places where voltage is less than 220V – including the USA (just 110V). In short, this means a 220-240V hair dryer won’t work in the USA. You may want to look into a dual-voltage hair dryer, or simply pick up a voltage converter, giving you more choice of hair dryer.

Cable Length: A handy feature to consider when travelling with your hair dryer is the length of its cable. It’s ideal to have a long cable so you aren’t restricted by the hotel’s plug socket and mirror placements! There’s nothing worse than having to style your hair in a hotel when you can’t reach the mirror.

Have a look at this complete list of countries by plug-type and voltage.

All in all, it’s never been easier to travel with a hair dryer, just make sure you check with your travel company if you are unsure about its guidelines. A slim-line, lightweight and powerful hair dryer (with a protective dust bag!) is your best bet for your next holiday or travelling adventure, so be sure to check out the Hail Your Hair Dryer, which ticks all these boxes! No more compromising on your getting ready rituals just because you’re away from home - travel with your hair dryer and prepare to look fabulous for your next adventure!

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